Nolatron has been a leading producer of anti-tie down control modules for over 30 years.

Model 3380 Anti-Tiedown Control Module

Model 4480 Anti-Tiedown Control

With a wide variety of two-hand control modules, Nolatron offers a complete line of anti-tiedown control assemblies. Traditional two hand machine control modules plug into an 8-pin or 11-pin socket base. These are the 3380 series modules. The 4480 series modules have expanded circuitry and are provided in a mountable enclosure.     For a turnkey run bar or machine start system that includes two touch buttons integrated with an anti-tiedown controller, Nolatron offers the TB-1 or TB-2 series of machine start bars. These two hand machine run bars are offered with E-stops, Top Stops, mechanical or no touch hand switches and various enclosures designs. No other manufacturer has as many machine run bar systems as Nolatron. Contact us to assist you in your application.

TB-2SR Start Bar

TB-2E Anti-Tiedown Switch Monitor and Machine Start Bar

Nolatron’s anti-tie down controls are an integral part of a two-hand start system for presses and other machinery. These controls help to comply with OSHA’s ‘two-hand trip’ and ‘control reliability’ regulations by requiring the machine operator to press both start switches simultaneously in order to start a machine cycle. This minimizes the possibility of the operator starting the machine while their hand is in the work area.

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