Model 6010 Two-Hand Machine Control

Designed to meet European standards for two-hand control devices (EN 574)

Model 6010 is specifically designed to meet the new OSHA and European safety standards which require that a single component failure will cause the control to shut down safely.

Model 6010 requires a machine operator to have both hands on start switches in order to begin a machine cycle. This minimizes the possibility of the operator having a hand in the work area when the machine starts. If one or both start switches are “tied-down”, the output will not energize.


Positive Guided Output – The output consists of two relay contacts that are controlled by separate relays. Each relay is checked for proper status prior to beginning a machine cycle.

International Safety Compliance – The 6010 is designed to meet the European standards for two-hand control devices (EN 574) and the United States OSHA classification of “control reliable” as defined in section 1910.217 (13).

CE Marking – Nolatron uses the CE mark to designate that the 6010 is in compliance with the European standard for two-hand control devices (EN 574), and that it has been tested to emissions and immunity standards EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1 and the Electromechanical Control Circuit Devices standard EN 60947-5-1. The use of CE marked component does not imply CE compliance of the finished product. The end user is responsible for determining that his machine is CE compliant. Additional testing may be required.



To prepare the control for a machine cycle: power is applied, both Start switches are open and the Loop circuit is closed. Indicators SW1/SW2 both light when these conditions are met.

To begin a machine cycle: the Reset circuit must be closed and both Start switches must be pressed simultaneously (within .5 sec.). When these conditions are met, indicators SW1/SW2 will go out, indicators K1/K2 will both light, and the output relays will energize.

To end the machine cycle: The output will open when either or both Start switches are released. The machine cycle can also be ended by momentarily opening the Reset circuit regardless of whether the start switches are still depressed. In some applications the Reset switch is used as a means to provide a “single stroke” of the machine.

Operation when a fault occurs: The control will not energize the output circuit due to an internal fault condition. Should a fault take place, the control should be replaced. For safety reasons, Nolatron does not recommend that anyone attempt to service the control for any reason.

Note: The Loop and Reset switches must be closed before a machine cycle can be started. These switches are optional and are not required for all applications. Do not remove the factory installed jumper wires unless you intend to install these optional switches.



 European Standards
 Utilization  Category AC-15
 Intermittent Duty  Class 1200 (max. switching frequency of 1200 cycles/hour)
 Radiation Standards  EMV/EMC/CEM EN50081-1, EN 50082-2
 Other Standards  EN 60947-5-1
 Safety Classification  EN574 category 4, type IIIc
 Typical Applications  Eccentric (EN 692) and Hydraulic (EN693) power presses
 Minimum Clearance  Mounting IP52, Housing IP40, Terminals IP20
 Rated Insulation (Ui)  250VAC (rms)
 Max impulse (Uimp)  500 VAC (rms)
 Rated operational current (Ie)  .8 Amp
 Suitability for isolation  Not suitable
 Size  75mm long, 55mm Wide, 110mm Deep
 Weight  400 grams
 Mounting  DIN-Rail compatible or mounting holes (use two 3.5mm screws)
 Wiring connection  Screw terminals, for 18 gauge stranded wire, Torque to 1.0 Nm
 Drop Height  1 meter max.
 Housing Material  Polycarbonate, UL94 flame class V-2, NEMA 12 (IEC IP52)
 Vibration Resistance  10-55HZ @ .35mm
 Temperature Range  -10 to +55 C (operating) -25 to +85 C (storage)
 Classification  Microenvironmental pollution degree 3
 Climate condition  DIN 40040 Class F
 Humidity  50% max. @ 40 deg. C., Altitude not to exceed 2000m.
 Start Switches
 Type required  Dry contact Form-C, w/min. rating of 115 VAC @ 1 amp.
 Concurrent time  Both start switches must be pressed within 0.5 sec.
 Recovery time  The start switches must be open for at least one second
 Optional Switches
 Loop circuit  Dry contact Form A, w/min. rating of 115 VAC @ 1 amp.
 Reset circuit  Dry contact Form B, w/min. rating of 115 VAC @ 1 amp.
(30 millisecond response time)
 Operating Power (Ue)  115 VAC ( + 15%), 50/60Hz. @ 250ma.
 Power consumption  less than 5 watts
 External protection of unit:  1/2 Amp fuse
 Type  2 normally open safety contacts, positive guided
 Switching Current (normal)  8 Amps @ 250 VAC (maximum inrush current)
 Switching Current (abnormal)  10 Amps @ 250 VAC
 Conditional short-circuit rating  10 Amps @ 250 VAC
Switching Overvoltage  500 VAC (rms)
 Continuous Current (Ithe)  .8 Amps @ 100% duty cycle (enclosure > 8000 sq. cm.)
 Max. Voltage  250 VAC (rms) / 300 VDC
 Response time  40ms operate / 50ms release
 Protection of Contact  External 6 Amp slow or 8 Amp fast acting fuse (VDE 0600 Pt. 200)
 Life  10 million mechanical operations (minimum)

Nolatron 6010 Brochure

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